Lynette Hlongwane

Lynette Hlongwane was born at Ndaleni Methodist Mission, in a small town of Richmond, in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Her maternal great-grand father, an Evangelist in the Methodist Church, came up with the name “Ndaleni” as he helped found the mission. Lynette’s maternal grandparents became Evangelists too. In her memoir, “White Goat for the White House: Saved by Synchronicity,” Lynette has devoted a chapter to her unusual and interesting family history.

At Inanda Seminary, an all girls high school Lynette attended, she won awards in public speaking and debate. Her very first publication in life, was a poem. It appeared in the school magazine. She was 13 years old and in her first year at high school. Lynette is an educationist, a professional speaker and specializes in Monitoring and Evaluation research. An English major, Lynette taught English Language and Literature for several decades, at several Township high schools. She has lectured at a teacher-training college, and at universities in South Africa and the US. She has worked as United Nations’ (South Africa) Gender Advisor and consultant. Lynette is a recipient of two British Council Awards. She received the second one the same year she was awarded a scholarship to study at Columbia University. She chose to go to the US. She spent 9 years in New York City.

Lynette loves reading, writing, dancing, travelling, listening to music, singing (she’s been told she has a lovely alto voice), taking long walks, Pilates and other forms of exercise, a flat tummy (always works towards a trim and toned body), cooking (a good cook), healthy eating (loves juicing), and learning from spiritual and life experts.

Lynette’s poems appear in several anthologies. Two high school textbooks she co-authored were prescribed for schools in South Africa. Oprah Winfrey commissioned Lynette for “O” (South Africa) magazine. Lynette’s “Will You Marry Me My T Girl: And Other Stories,” has been assigned for a University course in North America. Currently, Lynette is preparing two novels and also converting her dissertation (Ed.D, Columbia) for publication. It’s a study on the role of girls’ schools in the education and development of girls, towards empowered adult womanhood, with Inanda Seminary as the case study. Please watch this space for Lynette’s upcoming publications!

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